A Dozen of What?

CLIENTE: Krispy Kreme



We created a campaign where people could buy a dozen of product without knowing what it was. To do this, we published videos in which we speculated about the possible product using comments as content. This way, the whole country started to respond out of curiosity helping Krispy Kreme to sell thousands of dozens without even arriving to Colombia and having the most succesful opening in the history of Krispy Kreme arround the world since 1937.








  • 14.736 Dozens sold the day of the opening
  • 74.448 Dozens sold in the first week
  • 154.800 Dozens sold at the end of the campaign
  • The Brand grew 250% more than the first objetive
  • The day of the opening we sold more doughnuts in just one store than our competition in 100 stores.