Bacteria Tracker

CLIENT: TUI Antibacterial Gel



Every day, people are exposed to million bacteria and one of the major transmitters are bills. That´s why we did an experiment for Tui Antibacterial Gel to let people know approximately how many persons have touched a bill, how many bacteria can have and where it has been. With this action we spread all over Colombia a simple message: Wash your hands after touching a bill.




Case study chart:



When people scaned the QR codes on the bills they could find out:

  • How many hands had touched that bill.
  • How many bacteria it has approximately.
  • Where has it been



  • The bills were scanned more than 200,000 times.
  • We had over 300,000 visits to our site.
  • And sales grew 46% compared to the previous year.
  • All this with only a budget of $10,000.

    Next time you touch a bill wash your hands!